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Data Virtualization

Smartera 3s has a great experience with data management with special focus on big data platforms and ecosystem. Data Virtualization became one of cornerstones of agile data management and data integration. Smartera3s has developedout of the box solution on top of Denodo data virtualization platform such as :

  • LDW -logical data warehouse
  • Semantic structure for agile BI dashboards
  • Data integration solutions
  • A platform for central Bank Reports

This is accompanied with various implementation services that enable organizations to achieve their goals in shorter time and less cost than ever before.


  • Real-Time ODS

  • One Customer View

  • Central Bank Reporting


  • B2B Integration

  • Products Catalog

  • Agile Portal


  • Big Data Integration

  • Agile BI Dashboards

  • Machine Learning & Predictive Analysis