What We Do

Automatic Persona Generation (APG) helps you understand your audiences, customers, and users!

APG uses numbers … a lot of numbers! … but presents those numbers in an easy to understand format, a representative person, called a persona.

The use of personas is an interactive design technique with considerable potential for product and content development. A known problem is that creating personas is not a cheap or quick procedure, as the process has historically involved ethnography methods. Without real time data the personas created can be quickly outdated.  

Personas are created using of real user data that has been aggregated from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. From these platforms, we gather demographic data and topical interests, leveraging up to hundreds of thousands of profiles and millions of user interactions, along with user insights representing interests and viewpoints. We integrate all this data in order to demonstrate that personas could be developed in real-time. The resulting personas provide insights into competitive marketing, topical interests, and preferred system features for the users of online content and products.