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Use Cases of WhatsApp Channel

  • Customer Service

    It can be used as a channel for delivering customer services

  • Notification Channel

    Organizations can use it as a notification channel with customers

  • Internal Users Support

    WhatsApp can be used internally by organizations for support and help desk

  • Field Services

    A new channel for field services teams including sales force teams

  • OTP Authentication

    It can be used as a second factor authentication

  • Customer Support

    A new channel for customer complaint management and support

  • Digital Call Center
    Agents can receive customer messages and respond to them

  • Social Media Engagement

    One of social media channels


What we can do with WhatsApp

1. WhatsApp Traffic

Offering WhatsApp traffic through one of large worldwide WA traffic providers. with our partnership with Vonage we got the best SLA service of WhatsApp traffic

2. Training and Consultancy

Offering technical training and consultancy for using WhatsApp API’s

3. Integration Services

that we can implement end-to-end integration projects for WhatsApp and middleware. This covers back-end services integration with WhatsApp channel

4. Chatbot Integration

Setting up, implement, configure, tune and integrate with our S-Bot Chatbot. Integrate with 3rd party chatbot through our API connectors

5. WhatsApp Use Cases

This ranges from WhatsApp engagement and multi-agent support to various WhatsApp use cases (notification engine, campaign management, transactional channel, support, etc.)

We offer various services with WhatsApp from traffic provisioning through our partnership with major Facebook partners to full utilization of WhatsApp channel. We can implement various use cases that are fully integrated with organization operational systems.