What We Do

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining customer’s engagements across social media increases the trust in customer service and enhance customer’s experience.

Smart Social Hub will enable smart filters on social media interactions, to enable user engagement agents to respond in real-time. Using the smart filters, agents can respond immediately to comments on different organization channels.

Smart Social Hub tracks all social customers’ interactions as well as system user engagement with the customer which provide a historical conclusion of the customer’s past experience, inquires or issues and how system users replied to him.

Score your followers

Smart Social Hub shipped with two modules of (Influencer Power Index & Users’ Accounts Sentiment) which will enable you to evaluate the social media users according to their influencing power and their popularity on social media. Plus the ability to categorize the users according to their overtime interaction with respect to the topics or attitudes.

Agents can sort engagements by social media power, to respond quickly to influencers, since their negative comments could have a dramatic effect.

Increase Retention of Current Customers

Smart Social Hub helps detect issues, complaints and non-satisfaction feelings shared across social networks and enable automatic reply and automatic notification to the customer service investigation and solving the issue. Which protect current customer and retain them not to find some other place addressing their cases. So Smart Social Hub helps identifying the case and enable engagement with the unhappy customer to turn him into a happy.