Notification and Event Management

At any organization, there are a lot of business processes, services, and customer interactions that generate a lot events. Those events need to be monitored, captured, validated, and responses need to be taken.

Those responses should be triggered at proper time with proper actions. Actions vary from simple notification to customers through various channels or a complex response such as invoking a new business process or workflow.

Benefits of event and notification engine can be summarized as below:

  • Increase organization operational efficiency,
  • Improve customer experience through timely responses to events,
  • Saving time and cost through straight-through processing (STP) of events,
  • Better utilization of customer touch points through sending notification and putting customer at steering control for what is happening behind the scenes.

Eventify Modules

Eventify Product Review

Eventify solution handles events detection, validation, and action response.

It utilizes big data ecosystem in order to implement events streamer, events validation and event response through a  pipeline architecture in a real-time fashion.