What We Do

Data is more important than ever. Most of organizations around the world is accumulating data over decades. It became natural to utilize other technologies than conventional databases while dealing with this amount of data.

The complexity of this subject increases with adding more data sources to any organizations that differ in nature. Data sources that are semi-structured or even unstructured in nature. It is not unusual to see many organizations would like to integrate their social media channels streams with their operational CRM solutions. Conventional solutions are not designed to deal with such data efficiently and on timely manner.

Here big data platform and ecosystem come to the picture. Big data platforms are designed to deal with such complexity and uncertainty. Uncertainty of data structure, data frequency, or data volume. Getting the most out of big data platform needs some help to lay out the proper road map and get the maximum benefits of this new technology trend.

Smartera has a certified big data architecture, administration and development consulting team. Our team is specialized in big platform like Cloudera. We understand how to employ Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Kafka, Spark, Storm, streams, etc. to deliver the best solution fitting customer needs.

Big Data Consulting Services

Big Data Consulting

Big Data Strategy and Roadmap Definition

We help organizations defining their big data strategy through aligning with their business and IT strategy. Layout out the proper roadmap to build prerequisite skill sets and environment. Our consultants work closely with customer business and IT team to build this strategy.

Big Data Use Case Definition

Identifying potential use cases is extremely important to employ big data solutions power. We have several use cases that we can employ. For example at CRM area we can provide use cases related to customer behavioral micro-segmentation, customer churning, product penetration, etc. We support several industries like banking, telecom and retail.

Big Data Consulting Services

Development and Support

Data Ingestion Development

This will cover source data analysis along building data uploading routines to big data platform. This covers data streams and conventional uploading mechanisms.

Data Lakes and Data Warehouse Implementation

We build full data warehouse and data lakes using big data technologies. We have experience for vertical data warehouse models like banking, telecom, and retail industries. 

Big Data Platform Administration and Support

Smartera offers full big data administration services starting from setting up clusters, various environments, integration with different sources to on-going and post-production support services.

Our certified team can carryout Hadoop and Cloudera clusters support along all components on top.

Big Data Consulting Services

Architecture and Design

Big Data Capacity Planning

Identifying data sources to feed big data platform. Defining their nature is important for future use cases. Assessing and estimating expecting big data node sizes and growth rates. This would help during big data clusters building. 

Big Data Architecture

Based on organization's selected use cases various components of big data ecosystem will be included as building blocks of target architecture.

Big Data Consulting Services

Advanced Analytics

Conventional BI and Visualization

Smartera utilizes its experience with top notch BI and data visualization platform such as MS Power BI, Tableau, and SAP business objects. Data visualization can create better visual impact for improved decision making.

Predictive Analysis Models

Predictive models became crucial for doing business and can be integrated with operational system to make operations smarter. We can build predictive credit scoring for retail consumer finance at banking for example.

Machine Learning and Pattern Analysis

We can build advanced analytics based on machine learning models for customer clustering and micro-segmentation, customer churning, product-specific lead generation, next-best-action (NBA) models, etc.