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What is SocialHub

SmartSocialHub™ is the organization’s door to unlock the potential of social media marketing and to understand what’s going on in that space regarding its brand.

It is very important for any organization to find a way to extend its communication channels to go beyond official channels provided by the organization.

Social Media is considered now as one of major marketing channels to listen to customer feedback, engage with clients, monitor organization brand and surrounding sentiment, and integrating those new channels with existing operational customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

How SocialHub is Structured

SocialHub is an open architecture product that is built on top of microservices and containers. This makes product deployment as fast and as easy as possible

SocialHub is build based on cloud architecture that supports both public and private cloud. This makes it ideal for heavily regulated sectors like financial services, insurance, telecom where there are constraints on data deployment

SocialHub has an embedded machine learning for Arabic sentiment analysis is supports several Arabic dialects like Egyptian and GCC dialects

Consolidated Inbox

  • Consolidated view for all conversation across different channels
  • Filter with customer segment
  • Filter with social power index

Agents Conversation

  • Send messages and attachments on public and private channels
  • Rich user profile, where we can link user for different channels with the organization profile
  • Set priority for conversations and assigning to agents from different departments
  • Check customer previous conversations, open and closed
  • Create notes on user profile and conversation

Engagements Insights

  • Close conversation, then calculate handling and response KPIs

SocialHub pipeline architecture utilizes streamers to receive large amount of data and process it at real-time. It supports most of common social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

SocialHub supports several type of analytics:

  • Built-in Analytics (Out-of-the-box analytical module with wide set of KPIs, dashboards and charts. All of them are working at real-time)
  • Comparative  Analytics (Comparing performance with others especially competitors is extremely important matter for benchmarking and improvements)
  • External Analytics (For maximum flexibility, connecting using third part BI tools is available due to platform open architecture)

More features can be found as follows:

  • Dynamic Configuration
  • Privacy and Access Control
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Real-time
  • Enterprise & Operational
  • levels of analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis Scoring and abusing Real time
  • Power and Influencers index

Plan Campaign

  • Online Shared Media Library
  • Select Target Posting Social Channel
  • Add Campaign Contents like Text and Media
  • Schedule a Post Date/Time
  • Subscribe Notification List

Approve Campaign

  • Authorized Review
  • Approval Life Cycle
  • Ability to request modifications
  • Enable “Execute now” option

Execute and Get Notified

  • Auto notifications once published
  • To Creator, Approval
  • And to interested List
  • By Email, SMS, or on system

Customer identification is a service used to build customer social profile. It connects customer ID at your operational system with customer social IDs at various channels.

Arabic Sentiment is a machine learning based service that got a stream of Arabic comments and posts text to infer its sentiment.

It relies on a large amount of training data set in Arabic text.

It supports various Arabic dialects like Egyptian and GCC.

For more information refer to Arabic Sentiment Services

CRM integration for creating leads and complaints

Display conversations history that created complaints and leads

Included Products

Social Campaign Planning Campaign Approval Campaign Execution and Feedback Receiving


Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Built-in Analytics
Comparative  Analytics 
External Analytics


Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Customer identification is a service used to build customer social profile. It connects customer ID at your operational system with customer social IDs at various channels.


Social Customer Discovery

Social Customer Discovery

Consolidated Inbox
Agents Conversation
Engagements Insights


Social Engagement

Social Engagement