What We Do

Smartera3S uses Real-time analytics in E-commerce and finance.

Since data constantly changes, rapid data analysis is needed and analytical results shall be returned with a very short delay that gives you the capacity to access your data with near-zero latency between data ingestion and processing.

Smarter3S has Real-time analytics team that handles changing data sources, which may spring up as market and business factors change. In short, we handle Real-time big data analytics that are already used in financial trading.

Smartera3s uses data from financial databases, social media, and satellite weather stations to instantly inform buying and selling decisions that have high availability and low response times.

we should also be able to handle large amounts of data, up to and including terabytes using Real-Time Analytics tools such as (Spark Streaming , Kafka , Storm , Flume) that provide streaming/messaging capabilities in cluster-aware systems so we return answers to queries within just seconds.